Loot The Land invades Playstation Mobile tomorrow
Written by Luigi.
Hello everyone. We are extremely pleased to announce that tomorrow (Oct. 3rd) our new game Loot The land will be released.

Loot The Land is our first Playstation Mobile game and it will run on Playtation Vita and on all the Playstation certified devices.

Have a look at the video below and then click on "Read more".

Loot the Land is surely the first Viking-Invading-block-matching-puzzle-game to use a slick touch interface. Why has no-one has thought of this before! It’s fast, fun and easy to play and gives you that all important raid-n-pillage hit that so many games lack these days.

By swiping your finger on Vikings, objects and items of the same type on the game grid you will link them and clear them from the deck.

Depending on the type linked you'll get different effects. The main objects to link are the Vikings (of course), you need to link them to send them to battle. Send enough of them fast enough and you conquer the land. You can use magic runes and mana to help your progress. It's not all plain sailing: there are also "hindering events" along the way to make things more interesting. Watch out for spider attacks, drunken armies, the mist of war and more!

If you are looking for a quick casual game experience on PSVita this game is for you!


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