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Playerthree has lovingly nurtured three new interactive books for proud new parents, digital publisher Digital Leaf and children's writer Anita Pouroulis. We also have one more 'bun in the oven', Mum's Cronky Car which is coming soon. All the apps sit alongside a traditional printed release by Digital Leaf as well.

Due to constraints on development time and the need for cross platform products, we created these interactive books using Adobe Air, Stage 3D and Starling . We can now employ this interactive book technology for future apps and storytelling games.

Aimed at children from 1 to 7, each book is filled with beautiful illustrations, animation, interactivity and fun sound effects and music. The viewer can choose between narration by an adult or child - or no narration at all. The words dynamically highlight as the narrator reads the story so it's excellent at helping children learn to read as well.

Each book has over 20 pages in it, which is actually a huge amount of sprites and audio and it supports retina displays too so we really had to try to be efficient in our use of assets and sprite sheet creation. We've also been holding out for the latest ATF texture support from Adobe which should radically bring down texture files sizes and speed for Air based apps. The apps were initially launched with basic ATF support and will be updated to fully support it very soon.

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