Tell the Time with Bubbimals
Written by Marion.
Our second Bubbimals game is launched today!
Bubbimals Tell the Time is an animated, colourful, fun and rewarding way to help children of all ages to learn how to read, interact and play with clocks. The game has just been released on Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Android Marketplace.

Tell the Time image

The app features two of the most popular Bubbimals characters and full voiceover throughout, so kids can play along on their own or with an adult. There are five learning stages to complete, from Stage 1 where only the hour hand can be moved, through to Stage 5 which features full use of both hour and minute hands.

There are currently 4 different games in the app:

  • Play with Mister Clock

  • What’s the time?

  • Choose the time

  • Match the time

It's a simple, easy fun way to help children to learn to tell the time!
And our international team in the studio would add that it is not only useful to kids :)

The game is available for :


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